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Chattanooga Camper Van Rental

Looking for a new way to travel and explore with family or friends? Curious about van life? We invite you to rent Outshine, the solar powered adventure van for your next vacation in Chattanooga and beyond! It has everything you need to travel in comfort and style. Just pack your clothes and a sense of adventure. We provide everything else including meal kits, custom travel itineraries, and outdoor gear add ons so you can adventure differently without the hassle of planning. Check out the features and book your trip with us today!


Whether you’re traveling solo or coming with a crew, we can accommodate you. Our vans can be personalized to your interests, preferred travel experience and group size. 

Sleeps 4, Seats 4

Whether you’re looking for an adventure with sleeping accommodations or you’re exploring with a large group of people. Our vans can be arranged to meet your needs.

Add-on Adventures

We can provide custom travel itineraries, guided outdoor experiences and outdoor gear rentals so you can enjoy the journey and adventure differently without the hassle of planning.

Adjustable Murphy Beds

Sleeping up to 4 is a dream with our adjustable platform bed system. Convert your bed to a desk or work bench during the day!

Removable Seats

When Nomading it’s important everyone has a secure space to ride. Our seating is removable to ensure a perfect fit.

Skeleton Track System

Virtually unlimited options for mounts, hooks, and anchor points; so you can be sure that everything is secure.

Shore + Solar Power

Whether you’re going off the grid or are looking for a place to plug-in, you’ll have the power you need at your fingertips.

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