Queer Nomads

Van Rental and Builds

We’re Sunshine and Michelle Loveless, queer nomads traveling the country in a Vandoit we’ve nicknamed Stardust. We hope to inspire folks to adventure differently and reconnect with the transformative power of nature by sharing our adventures and vanlife travel tips. 

Follow our adventures on instagram as we travel the country in Stardust! Catch us at events to see the van in person and get inspired for your next road trip.

Learn about the vans you can rent through the Nomad Be Happy Rental platform, the Vandoit MOOV model we’re traveling in and how you can build your own transformative adventure van with Vandoit. 

Rent with Nomad

Want to travel like us? Curious about vanlife but don't know where to start? We recommend renting a camper van with Nomad be Happy to see if vanlife is right for you!

Build with Vandoit

Learn about the the Vandoit MOOV model we're traveling in and how you can build your own transformative adventure van.

Queer Nomads

We are Sunshine and Michelle, the dynamic duo who inspire others to live and adventure differently! Follow along as we sell everything we own to move into a new MOOV model camper van custom built by Vandoit and travel the country for 6 months! We invite you to follow our adventures as we travel the country connecting with nature and our queer community. If you'd like to collaborate with us, get in touch below. This road tour isn't just for us. It's for all the queer, non-conforming, adventure seekers out there! who are trying to find their place in this big beautiful world. We'll see you out on the road.

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Want to become a brand we love and recommend? Get in touch with us for collaboration and sponsorship opportunities. 

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