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Seek Adventure Everyday!

We only get one shot at life! Why do we waste our time doing things we don’t enjoy? That don’t bring us joy? Why do so many people work in jobs they hate, counting down the years until retirement? What if you don’t make it to retirement? I spent 9 years serving as a social worker. It was a stressful, thankless, toxic job. I wanted out, but felt trapped. I was frozen with fear while dreaming of something more. It took a lung cancer diagnosis to wake me up and make me realize I was making excuses and that those excuses were the only thing holding me back. A little over a month after having lung surgery that removed 3/4 of my right lung, I moved and started a new job. I took a leap of faith by taking a job that paid less but offered less stress and moving into a place that cost more than before. I trusted the universe would provide and it did. I sought solace and healing in nature while learning how to breathe and live life with joy again. I rekindled my passion for outdoor recreation. I turned it into a career and started my own business. I stopped doing what I thought I was supposed to do and started doing what I brought me joy. The universe filled in the gaps and every little thing worked out!

How to find your joy and adventure through life?

Trust your intuition. Take the first step. Stop letting your mind convince you you can’t because you absolutely can. Whatever brings you joy in this world, find a way to do it everyday and the rest will fall into place. It really is that simple. We as humans tend to overanalyze everything and make things more complicated than they need to be! I’m guilty of doing it. It took me years to quit a job I hated and take the first step in starting my business. I’m so glad I finally did and didn’t wait another, week, month or year. If you’re feeling trapped, frustrated, burnt out or long for something different, Pause, breathe, check-in with yourself and let your intuition guide you, It will take you where you’re supposed to go.

Guide to Everyday Adventures

  1. Go outside
  2. Take a deep breathe
  3. Explore a new place
  4. Try something new
  5. Challege yourself
  6. Smile, laugh, play
  7. Take someone with you and take lots of pictures!

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