Outshine is Transforming to Vanlife Full Time!

It's really happening y'all! We're stoked to announce we accepted an offer on the house and are downsizing our lives to fit in a camper van to travel the country for 6 months! Departure day is in 2 weeks!

First stop? Kansas City to visit our friends at Vandoit and pick up a new MOOV model to start our cross country adventure!

The Outshine van will stay in Chattanooga and continue to be available for rentals through the Nomad Be Happy rental platform, so if you’ve been meaning to take an adventure you still can!

We’ll be visiting fellow Nomad be Happy rental vans in SLC, San Diego and Bryson City along our road tour and setting up events for folks to see the new MOOV model in person in various cities across the country.

We’d love to connect with other Vandoit owners, outdoor adventure seekers, queer folks and nomads along the way. If that’s you, drop a comment and let us know where you are.

Big thanks to Angela Pierce – Austin Sizemore Team for helping us sell our sweet little home so quickly!

What does this mean for Outshine Adventures? We won’t be offering tours in Chattanooga this year. Instead, get ready for vanlife content, travel tips + new outdoor adventures.

We can’t wait to share new adventures in new places with y’all! Be sure to follow along at Outshine Adventures and Nomad Be Happy!

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That’s a wrap on home life, time to try vanlife!

We’ve dreamt about traveling and living in a van since we got together almost 8 years ago and we can’t believe it’s finally happening! We officially closed on our sweet lil bungalow today and we’re on our way to Vandoit to pick up a new campervan to start our 6 month cross country road trip!

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