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Burgess Falls Paddleboard Adventure

5 hours

Enjoy a picturesque paddle to the base of Burgess Falls with Outshine Adventures! Paddling in is the only way to access the base of this breathtaking waterfall. We provide all the paddle board equipment and a guided tour so you can soak up the scenery and mist from the base of the waterfall. You’ll enjoy a 2 mile paddle up Center Hill Lake towards the falls. We will keep an eye out for Great Blue Heron, osprey, turtles and other wildlife. Once we arrive at the falls, we will take time to enjoy the sights and sounds of the waterfall, snap photos, and eat a picnic lunch before returning to Cane Hollow where we started. This is a 4-mile round trip paddle and lasts about 4.5 hours. Note: In spring and summer, it’s usually possible to paddle all the way to the base of the falls. In late summer and fall, the water level starts to drop and we may need to beach the paddle boards and walk to the falls. Please bring water shoes for walking around at the base of the falls. Paddle boarding up a river towards the waterfall requires effort so you will need to be in good physical condition to paddle for 4 miles round trip, roughly 4 hours in total. After A LOT of rain, it can be difficult to paddle up to the falls. If it becomes too difficult to paddle up to the waterfall, we will contact you to reschedule or refund your trip. What's provided: guided tour, paddle board, paddle, and lifejacket What to Bring: Water to drink, sack lunch, water shoes for walking around near the waterfall and rain paints to keep your bottom half dry, sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, camera, towel, and change of clothes for after. Optional Add-ons: Seat back for comfort, photo package so you don't lose your camera or cell phone in the water, and the option to camp with us at Horseshoe Bend Campground about 40 mins from this waterfall to make it a weekend adventure!

What's included ?

  • Paddleboard
  • Lifejacket
  • Guided Adventure
  • Paddle

What to bring ?

  • Water to drink
  • Sunscreen
  • Swimsuit
  • Towel + Change of clothes
  • Rain paints highly recommended
  • Water shoes
  • Snacks as we will be on the water for 4 hours
  • Camera for taking photos at the watefall

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