How to Travel to New Zealand on a Budget

New Zealand is a bucket list trip for many and often seems unattainable due to distance and cost. In November 2022, we scored cheap flights and found a way to make the trip of a lifetime come true! In this article we break down the total cost of our trip and offer tips on how to travel to New Zealand on a budget.

11 Best Apps for Hiking and Exploring Outside in 2023

We are big proponents of disconnecting from technology and connecting with nature, but in our modern society it’s difficult to fully disconnect when we carry our smartphones everywhere we go.  When used correctly, smartphones can actually help us explore and connect with nature more deeply through the use of built in features like a camera, […]

5 Best Springs to Paddle with Manatees in Florida

A close encounter with a manatee is a thrilling experience that leaves a lasting impact. The best and least invasive way to get close to manatees in their natural habitat is by paddleboard. We’ve spent the past three winters traveling to Florida in search of the best places to paddleboard with manatees. Through some trial […]

Almost There Adventure Podcast

Almost There Adventure Podcast Promo Photo-Outshine Adventures episode 52

We had the opportunity to share our adventures in business and personal stories with hosts of the Almost There Adventure Podcast. During the episode we discuss how/why we started Outshine Adventures, what brought us to Chattanooga, our favorite paddling adventures, the Nickajack Bat Cave, and our new adventure ready campervan that you can rent. The […]

Give the Gift of Adventure

At Outshine Adventures, we believe that the best things in life aren’t really things at all, but experiences that bring people together and connect people with nature. There are few gifts that compare to the surreal experience of paddling scenic waterways, standing up on a paddle board for the first time, witnessing wildlife up-close, hiking under the […]

Learn About Our Next Big Adventure and Why We’re Rebranding in 2021

All good things must come to an end. Or they evolve and grow into something wonderful! We’ve been growing and evolving over the past 4 years and it’s time to Outshine on a new adventure! We wanted you to be the first to know that we’re rebranding and launching our new logo, website and business […]

Which Paddle Board is Right for You? We Share Our 3 Favorites!

People often ask us, “what type of paddle board should I get?” There isn’t a simple answer because there is a lot to consider when making your first paddle board purchase, like where and what type of paddling you’ll do most, your height/weight, home storage space, and what type of vehicle you have to transport […]