Women's Retreat

At our Women’s Adventure Retreat, you’ll find a supportive and inclusive community of women who are all on their own unique journeys. Whether you’re looking to make new friends, discover new passions, or simply take a break from the stresses of daily life, our retreat offers an unforgettable experience that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered.

Join us for a weekend of connection in nature

We’re excited to offer another all-inclusive women’s retreat on April 21-23, 2023 at Mulberry Gap Adventure Base Camp in Ellijay, GA. During this 3 day / 2 night retreat, our intention is to create a safe and supportive space for all female identifying folks to come unplug, recharge, challenge themselves and develop a deeper connection with nature while making new friends through outdoor activities like hiking, yoga, journaling and workshops. 

All activities and workshops are led by qualified female instructors/guides. Each meal will be prepared with love by the fine folks at Mulberry Gap. Most of our sponsors are women-owned or led businesses that make women specific gear and products. The best part? We all get to relax and play on a beautiful adventure base camp complete with hot tubs and rustic cabins.

There are several different accommodation styles for participants to choose from based on preferences and comfort levels. You can choose to tent camp with your own equipment or “glamp” in the rustic cabins. Price varies depending on selection.

Over the course of the weekend you’ll start your mornings with a gentle grounding yoga practice, then spend your day engaged in activities like hiking, journaling, workshops, and meditation circles with knowledgeable female instructors and guides. In the evenings we’ll gather in community for dinner and campfire stories around a fire we built ourselves and reminisce about the day’s adventures.

Camping $429

Do it yourself tent camping for those who want all out adventure at the lowest price! *Camping price does not include a tent. But, if you don’t have your own camping equipment, please reach out and we will do our best to find gear for you. Our goal is to make this retreat as inclusive and accessible as possible. 

Cabin $559-$799

Rustic cabins for those who want adventure without having to rough it. Choose from the Trail’s End, Laurel’s Rest, Hemlock Hideaway, Pinhoti Way, Foxe Den, Deer Run, or Bear’s Lair. When we say rustic, we mean it. You’ll sleep in a comfy bed, but you won’t have in unit facilities or running water.


Who’s it for? This weekend event is open to women identified folks of all ages, races, sizes, and experience levels that feel a women’s outdoor adventure retreat is the right space for them. 

What’s Included? 
All inclusive retreat experience
Meals + beverages
Guided Outdoor Activities 
Guided Yoga sessions
Workshops + Meditations
Campfire Stories + S’more
Happy Hours with drinks included
Swag Bag filled with $300 worth of goodies from our sponsors
Hot Tubs for relaxing the days adventures away


The Nitty Gritty Details

We are collaborating with Mulberry Gap Basecamp in Ellijay, GA to host this all-inclusive women’s retreat. You’re going to love this place and want to call it home! Ellijay is located 1 hour and 10 minutes south of Chattanooga, 1 hour and 30 minutes north of Atlanta and just over 2 hours east of Nashville. We recommend flying into Chattanooga or Atlanta and getting a rental car. Uber/Lyft may be available for transfers.

We tried to keep the cost low. $429 for tent campers, and $499-$729 for glampers covers all meals, snacks, beverages, guided activities, fellowship with other adventure seeking women and some fun stuff to take home. We’re passionate about this camp being accessible to everyone but we also need to cover the cost of creating an excellent experience.

Mulberry Gap is well known for their hearty home cooked meals. They have the ability to provide good food everyone will enjoy. Please indicate food allergies and sensitivities during checkout so we can accommodate you.

Mulberry Gap has communal bath houses with hot showers and toilets. It won’t feel too much like you’re roughin it! We promise.

We provide all the outdoor equipment for the guided activities and workshops. (you may want to bring your own yoga mat). We don’t provide camping gear including tents, ground pads or sleeping bags. We are seeking a tent sponsor so if you know one, send em our way! If you don’t have camping equipment, don’t let that stop you. We want this event to be accessible to all, so please reach out and we will find a creative way to get you what you need. You’ll definitely want to bring your own personal gear like a sleeping bag, pillow, and for sure your own toothbrush, the rest we can help cover. At the end of the weekend, when you want to buy gear for your future outdoorsy self, we can help guide you on the best places to shop.

Our goal is to get you to unplug, disconnect and escape your busy, complicated life for a short weekend in the woods. We hope over the course of the weekend you’ll take more time to grow, stretch, breathe in the mountain air and reconnect with nature so that you can recharge your soul. You might have cell service and you might not. You definitely won’t have access to wi-fi. Sorry, not sorry. Let’s connect with nature, each other and discover ourselves on this retreat.

This retreat is open to any women over the age of 18 that has a sense of adventure and wants to spend time outside.

The purpose of the weekend is to work towards wellness through yoga, hiking, connecting with nature, journaling, learning new things and stretching our comfort zones all while being coached and encouraged by other women. 

We’re adamant about enforcing leave no trace (which means leaving your campsite and any place you visit looking like you were never there). That means nothing. Nada. Not even your chewing gum. This land is beautiful and we wanna take care of it. Everything you bring in you gotta take back out. 

We will have medical personnel on hand to patch you up if you get a boo boo while trying something new. This is a safe place to stumble and fall. You’ll have a whole group of friends cheering you on and encouraging you to get up and try again. If you get too tired, too thirsty, or too blistery, our staff will be there to help get you back in the action (or they’ll give you chocolate and make you sit in a hammock in the shade until it’s dinner time)

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