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Who We Are + What We Do

Outshine Adventures is a queer-owned, women led company dedicated to providing sustainable eco-tours and immersive outdoor experiences for all! We believe in the health benefits of spending time outside connecting with nature and want to connect everyone with the vibrant outdoor scene in Chattanooga and beyond! We believe that outdoor spaces are for everyone and are committed to offering inclusive outdoor experiences for everyone. No matter your level of experience or comfort with the outdoors, we invite you to try something new! 

Today, Outshine Adventures offers a variety of fully-equipped, guided outdoor experiences and one of a kind adventures. You can also choose from land and water yoga sessions, custom travel itineraries, and camper van rentals. 

Let us help you disconnect from the stress of modern life and connect with the natural world. In doing so, we hope it fosters an awareness and appreciation for our natural resources and inspires you to adventure differently. 

Who We Are

Sunshine Loveless

Co-Founder, Expert Guide

Michelle Dunn-Loveless

Co-Founder, 500-HR Certified Yoga Instructor

Michelle Dunn-Loveless (she/they) is the mother earth, spiritualist that keeps Outshine Adventures balanced with nourishing meals, breath-work breaks and awesome organizational skills. Michelle handles the social media, bookings and leads our land and water yoga sessions. She comes up with great ideas that fuel our adventures! When Michelle isn’t working, she’s practicing or studying Yoga, teaching their daughter life skills, or reading a good book.

Company History

Sunshine discovered their love of the outdoors as a raft guide and trip leader on the Ocoee River. Best job ever, but society demands you grow up and get a real job. Sunshine went into social work hoping to make a difference and nine years later, ended up with lung cancer. This prompted major life changes and a return to the outdoors. Sunshine found solace and healing in nature learning how to breathe again post surgery. Recognizing the health benefits of spending time in nature and that Sunshine is the happiest when leading others on outdoor adventures, Sunshine started the paddle boarding business in 2018 with just two paddleboards and an idea. With support of their partner, Michelle, the dream, the business, and the adventure offerings grew.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, business thrived as people sought more outdoor experiences. That trend continued into 2021. Michelle took on a bigger role by sharing yoga and getting the business organized. We partnered with local non-profits to provide outdoor experiences for marginalized youth and with women-led companies to provide paddleboarding and yoga experiences for their women-only events. These events and partnerships filled our souls with joy and made us shine!

During the pandemic, when air travel halted, Sunshine and Michelle sought out an alternative way to travel by renting a campervan. After a week of exploring in one, they not only loved it, but wanted to get one! The dilemma was needing a passenger van for the paddleboard business. That’s when Robby with Nomad be Happy and his custom built Vandoit adventure vans entered the scene. The vans double as passenger van and campervan. It was exactly what we needed! We jumped at the opportunity to invest and bring another Vandoit van to Chattanooga and partner with Nomad Be Happy.  Today, you can rent our campervan, get a customized travel itinerary, and take a one of a kind adventure!

We’re so grateful to be on this journey and excited to see where it takes us. Thanks for checking us out!

Our Partners

We couldn’t do what we love if it weren’t for collaboration with amazing people and the companies they represent. There’s a human connection behind every logo represented here that deeply cares about what they do and the impact they have on their community. We love partnering with people who pursue their passion and are committed to making the world better by being inclusive, representing the under represented, getting more people outside and reducing their impact on the environment.