Who We Are + What We Do

We’re Sunshine and Michelle Loveless, two adventurous, queer nomads journeying across the country in a Vandoit. Join us on a mission to inspire individuals to embrace unconventional exploration and rediscover the transformative magic of nature. By sharing our passion for adventure and van life, we aim to encourage others to step off the beaten path and immerse themselves in the beauty of the great outdoors.

Our goal is to foster a love for exploration in all people, showcasing unique destinations often overlooked by mainstream travel. Along the way, we prioritize supporting BIPOC and LGBTQ+ owned businesses, while advocating for environmental responsibility to ensure the places we visit remain pristine for future generations.

Through partnerships with like-minded brands, we strive to amplify our message and make a positive impact on the diverse tapestry of outdoor communities nationwide.

Meet the Queer Nomads

Sunshine Loveless

Co-Founder | Expert Tour Guide

Michelle Dunn-Loveless

Co-Founder | Yoga Teacher

Michelle Dunn-Loveless (she/they) is the mother Earth, spiritualist that keeps Outshine Adventures balanced with nourishing meals, breath-work breaks and awesome organizational skills. Michelle comes up with great ideas that fuel our adventures! With compassionate guidance, she facilitates movement, breathwork, and restorative practices, inspiring individuals to embark on their own paths of self-discovery. When Michelle isn’t working, they’re practicing Yoga, journaling, or reading a good book.

Company History

Sunshine (they/them) discovered their love of the outdoors as a raft guide and trip leader on the Ocoee River. But society demands you grow up and get a real job so they went into social work hoping to make a difference. Nine years in they ended up with lung cancer. The health scare prompted major life changes and a return to the outdoors. Sunshine found solace and healing in nature learning how to breathe again post surgery. Recognizing the health benefits of spending time in nature and that Sunshine is the happiest when leading others on outdoor adventures, they started Sunshine’s Adventures paddle boarding business in 2018. With support from their partner, Michelle, the dream, the business, and the adventure offerings grew.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, business thrived as people sought more outdoor experiences. That trend continued into 2021. Michelle took on a bigger role by sharing her love of yoga and getting the business organized. They’ve collaborated with local non-profits to offer outdoor experiences tailored for marginalized youth, women-led enterprises, and queer-owned businesses, delivering paddle boarding and yoga sessions for their outdoor retreats and events. 

During the pandemic, when air travel halted, Sunshine and Michelle sought out an alternative way to travel by renting a campervan. After a week of exploring in one, they loved it and were ready to get their own! Luckily, they met Robby, founder of Nomad be Happy, and his Vandoit adventure vans. They quickly jumped at the opportunity to invest and bring another Vandoit to Chattanooga to bolster the rental fleet. This is when OUTshine Adventures was born!  As openly queer identifying individuals, they’ve made it their mission to create adventures where folks felt safe to be OUT and outside.

In November 2022, Sunshine and Michelle took a bucket list trip to New Zealand and traveled the North and South Islands by campervan. It was a dream come true and inspired them to travel more and grow their outdoor business so they could continue to do what they love rather than working for others. 

So in May of 2023, Michelle and Sunshine both quit their jobs to give Outshine their all. It was a scary leap and totally worth it! Business was thriving and we were getting to play outside almost everyday leading people on paddling, biking, hiking and yoga adventures! Nomad Be Happy was also growing and we formed a great partnership with Vandoit as those who rented the vans often fell in love with them and wanted to build their own.

Come October of 2023, Sunshine found the courage to come out as transgender/non-binary. They began transitioning and as their physical appearance began to transform to match how they’ve always felt inside, they decided it was also time to transform the way they had been living and doing business.

Longing to travel more and not work tirelessly to keep the tour business going, Michelle and Sunshine pitched Vandoit for an opportunity of a lifetime – travel the country for 6 months in a van repping their newest build option and the Nomad Be Happy rental fleet. And Vandoit said yes!

Next came some hard and scary decisions! In order to fund the trip, they decided to sell their house and get rid of all of their belongings to truly commit to vanlife and live unconventionally.

On May 23, Michelle and Sunshine embark on the adventure of a lifetime! They will be sharing their adventures from the road and hope it inspires others to adventure differently, live authentically, connect with nature and lean into fear. 

Our Partners

 Outshine loves partnering with people who pursue their passion and are committed to making the world better by being inclusive, representing the under represented, getting more people outside and reducing their impact on the environment. We couldn’t do what we love if it weren’t for collaboration with amazing people and the companies they represent. There’s a human connection behind every logo represented here that deeply cares about what they do and the impact they have on their community.

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